Monday, January 24, 2011

Love starts with yourSELF

I've had many ups and downs in my life.  Many moments when my world was not going the way I had planned, and when it felt easier to wallow in my own pity than actually do something about it. Each relationship that failed would make me reexamine my life.  Each ending brought an even more wonderful beginning.  For those of you that struggle with relationships listen to that inner voice.  The one that really knows how you feel. I like to call it your intuition.  Anyhow after looking at my life I realized the most important thing was to love myself.

No relationship worthy of lasting can survive if the person does not know themselves and love their self exactly as they are.  This I can vouch for is definitely harder than it looks.  Just think about how many times you criticize yourself everyday, staring in the mirror fixing all the things you think are wrong with you with your mind. Or those self defeating thoughts of yours that limit yourself and make your self-esteem plummet.  To you is say enough!!!!

I'm in the progress of working on loving myself.  Which is strange when you think about it.  Shouldn't you always love yourself?  Shouldn't things like happiness come naturally?  It seems strange that we have to work to be happy.

One of the first things I think everyone needs to learn to do is laugh at themselves.  Today I had dance class and we learned some new steps in ballet.  Now for those of you that don't know I LOVE to dance but it takes me awhile to catch on to any move.  So when we had to dance in front of the class sashaying to the other side of the room I messed up.  Yes I felt like a fish out of water, but one that was smiling the whole time.  The most admirable thing is to make a fool out of yourself but laugh all the while.  Embarrassment is a waste of energy when you can enjoy it more not caring what others thing about you.

May you all make a fool of yourselves and laugh while your doing it.  Because when you can laugh at yourself you are one step closer to loving yourself <3

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