Saturday, January 22, 2011

Higher Minds

First blog here and already I have some great ideas.  As a person coming from a mass media background I was slow to see the movie The Social Network, which is about the creation of Facebook.  I'm taking classes where all we talk about is Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and all the various forms of social media.

So it got me thinking that while all these new forms of technology have created more interaction with people, it also has created a wedge.  The internet has created a whole new way of living that we as a society didn't have 10 years ago. However, most of the interaction online takes away the personal one-on-one interaction that makes us human. It makes it so people can physically be alone without ever having to feel alone.

Think about it, 10 years ago the pace of the world was slower than it is now. If we don't know something then we just have to "google" it. So this high pace world know makes us uncomfortable to be alone or sit quietly and muse about the joys of life.

I'm one of those people who need alone time every once in a while.  I like being able to breath and just relax.  Or if I so chose I can contemplate on the deep mysteries in life.  So as I went to Panera for dinner by myself after seeing a movie with friends, I began to wonder why it is frowned upon to go somewhere alone in public.

I speculate that we as a society find it weird to be alone in public because we are uncomfortable with ourselves. We are afraid of what our mind will do in the silence, when our true colors begin to shine.

I believe that we manifest things into our lives by our thoughts.  We can choose a thought and whether or not to hold onto that thought any longer or let it go.  I guess I would say that when we are by ourselves our True Self is revealed. So while it may be looked down on to go out somewhere by yourself, I find it liberating.  Go out there in the world and invest the time in yourself.  Give yourself the gift to explore your mind, heart, and soul without judgement on your behalf. 

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