Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dispelling Shadows

I live my life
dispelling shadows
of doubt so that my
True Purpose may
shine in the sun.

It is easy to stay in a world full of confusion and doubt.  There are many things, as humans, we assume we know, until proven wrong.  The world used to be thought of as flat.  I see all the doubts that we have in life as a "flat" view of the world.  Through life experiences, I've learned that when we have doubts, it is usually because we are off of our true path.

Whenever there has been something I was so ecstatic about, I never had a single doubt.  I was just living in the present moment.  Whether it be dancing and running on the beach, choosing an apartment, or finding joy written in noodles in Tuscany, I was just soaking up the joy.

Sometimes doubts really are trying to wake us up to see that what we think we want isn't really the best for us.  Doubts about a partner, doubts about a job, there are a plethora of doubts out there to choose from.  The most important thing when you have a doubt is to LISTEN!  Pay attention to what it is trying to tell you. It may be your intuition trying to guide you back onto the right path.

One thing that helps me when facing any situation I'm unsure about is to stop and listen to my body.  How do I feel about x?  Do I feel sick, nervous, weary, stressed, or angry?  If so it probably is something I'm better off letting go of. Do I feel happy, joyful, laugh, or cry with joy?  If that is the case, then I usually don't have any doubts. I just KNOW.  And getting to a place of knowing is absolutely wonderful!

It may take longer than expected to know what you truly want.  Sometimes you have to sit and wait for the answer to come with time.  In other cases, you know right away what is right for you.  I should clarify that there is a HUGE difference between wanting something and what is aligned with your soul's purpose.  You may want to be a millionaire or have a sports car, but it may be your soul's purpose to find happiness within yourself instead of with an object.

As you go about your days may you dispel the shadows of doubt from your heart so your soul can truly shine!  Many blessings to you all.