Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sickness or Health? It is ALWAYS a CHOICE.

Recently, I have felt as if I am coming down with something.  This, of course, was not a surprise since I had been spending time taking care of two sick little children.  However, thanks to a couple of special people, I was reminded that it is all a choice we have when we look at "sickness".

I believe that when you identify with a cold, for example, it will stay with you longer than when you can observe it from an objective viewpoint.  When you get "sick", take time to look at where it is you feel bad in your body.  A lot of times when we are working through an issue, cleansing out old negative beliefs and thought patterns, it can manifest to look like sickness.  At the root of every illness, it is asking us to slow down and take a look at our lives.  Where is something working and where is it that we need to change?

My chiropractor recently was ill and witnessing how he handled being sick with such grace was an enlightening lesson for me.  We are taught that if we are sick then we must go to the doctor and get medicine to make ourselves feel better.  However, from my beliefs I like to delve deeper into seeing what is it within me that brought about this situation.  From that point of view it takes us out of being a victim to having more control over our own health.  If our thoughts can manifest into illness, then the same goes that they can also heal us.

My life is not stress-free, and just like many of you I struggle trying to find a healthy balance.  When given the chance to focus on what is not going well in your life or focus on all they positive things you have and all that is on it's way to you, I choose the latter.  There is a calmness within me right now as I take time to listen to my body, respecting what it needs and figuring out how I can live my life to attain the life of my dreams.  Another wise teacher once told me, "happiness is not being able to stay in a joyful state when everything is going well in your life, but to stay in a state of happiness or joy inspite of what is occuring in your life."

You can never guarantee what will happen during life.  Change is a constant that you can always count on.  The one thing you have control on is how you choose to live your life.  Do you choose to react to events, relinquishing your personal power. Or do you choose to respond to events, letting yourself be able to make your own decisions and stay in control?