Saturday, April 26, 2014

A New Day

A New Way
By Brittany Taylor

Thoreau discovered it
At Walden’s Pond

The Dali Lama discovered it
On his own

Gandhi found it
From the silence within

Peace, space, tranquility
You find within

Cultures today have found a disease
To always be searching, but never find peace.
To cultivate greed, anger and despair,
To think you’re broken and there’s something to repair.

We've created a monster that’s never satisfied,
Always looking to another to complete their lives.

When the fog lifts one day and you suddenly see,
How misguided, misled are we.

There is hope, there is a way out of this tunneled vision.
Each day, each ray of sunshine cleanses our soul,
Renewing us to find a better way, a new day is dawning.

How often do we sit, absorbed in front of the TV, computer, or staring at our phones?  When is the last time you simply turned off your electronics and experienced nature?  The more technology expands and is integrated in our daily lives, the more chance we have to lose our way.

I find that the best memories I have in life were not spent sitting watching TV, but rather out there experiencing life.  The good, bad, sometimes frustrating things life throws at us makes it all the more a mystery.

You can't always control situations in life, but you can control how you react to them.  I was all set to move into a new apartment (new to me anyway) when I got there and smelled a horrible odor.  Spending just 5 minutes inside this place made me nauseous and feel uneasy.  So, struggling to pull together any last minute options, I finally was able to renew my lease at my current place.  And you know what?  I couldn't be happier! 

Now amid unpacking all of the boxes, I realize what a cleansing experience this is for me.  I have been shedding all of the things I no longer needed, to make way for only things I love.  Some of you may be thinking, "How can she be so happy?  Why aren't you mad or frustrated?" To those I answer that happiness comes from within.  It is always a choice that you have at your disposal. 

When you experience something you have the power to decide how that experience will shape you.  Will you see it as an opportunity to grow or will you allow it to control you? 

As you go through the next few weeks, make some time for silence.  To listen to that ever-knowing voice within that will always have the answer your heart seeks.  Namaste my friends.

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